Watching a movie is one of my favorite things to do with the lights off … and if you’d like to join in the fun, here’s at look at your options in this week’s Showtime.

Simon McBurney (as Captain Hitchcock): “Another cadet is missing.”

Christian Bale (as Augustus Landor): “Poe, I need you to discreetly infiltrate the cadets.”

Harry Melling (as Edgar Allan Poe): “What is this?”

Christian Bale (as Augustus Landor): “Blood, symbols, ritual.”

Harry Melling (as Edgar Allan Poe): “Oh, my Lord.”

What if Edgar Allan Poe was asked to help solve a murder mystery? That’s the premise of “The Pale Blue Eye.”

Christian Bale is the detective who calls upon the young writer to crack the case.

Mark Ward (as Father Phillip): “You are so beautiful. Oh, you don’t have to be scared. I couldn’t hurt a fly.” [starts hissing]

“Candy Land” is anything but sweet. When a young girl is booted out of a religious cult, she takes up with a group of sex workers at a local truck stop. Not a good move.

Nicolas Cage (as Colton Briggs): “You’re protecting a killer from another killer.”

Ryan Kiera Armstrong (as Brooke): “Can you teach me how to shoot?”

Nicolas Cage is out for blood in “The Old Way.” He plays a former gunfighter who returns to his old ways when his daughter’s life is threatened. The little girl’s pretty handy with a firearm herself.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong (as Brooke): “My father wants your gun.”

Adam Lazarre-White (as Greg): “I’ll blow her brains all over this valley.”

[Brooke steps on Greg’s crotch.]

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