Hit the floor! Tonight is a new episode of the Fox game show “The Floor”

Besides featuring host Rob Lowe, there’s also a South Florida contestant, who’s out to mop the floor with his competition.

Rob Lowe: “Let’s light it up. 3,2,1!”

Fox’s new game show “The Floor” is like if Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit had a baby, and Rob Lowe is the maker.

Rob Lowe: “Let me tell you how it works. 81 contestants stand on their own square. Each with their own trivia category.”

The game randomly picks the square.

Rob Lowe: “Who’s it gonna be?”

If you’re picked, you challenge the people around you to get booted off. The more floor space you take over, the bigger target you become.

Contestants: “The guy that got sci-fi, he’s rubbing his hands. I’m afraid of him.”

You should be afraid because Kevin Duplan’s from the 305.

Kevin Duplan: “I honestly was ecstatic when I found out I got casted for “The Floor”. It was an extensive casting process, interview and then for months I heard nothing. And then one day I get an email saying ‘hey you’re going to Ireland next week.’ It was a lot of fun.”

Yes, the show was filmed in Ireland.

“I do know bands. Do I know as much as Tom is the question?”

Kevin’s category is sci-fi, but he’s staying away from,

Kevin Duplan: “Definitely didn’t want flags. Definitely didn’t want political candidates. Fashion icons. I know nothing about fashion.”

Contestants: “Hammer, wrench, screws.”

The questions are simple but your nerves can get in the way.

Kevin Duplan: “It is common sense stuff but then you add the clicking timer. And then Rob Lowe is watching you from a distance and cameras and lights are going and then you forget simple stuff. Like nails.”

How dreamy was Rob Lowe?

Kevin Duplan: “He is a sweet guy. Very handsome in person. Just like he is on TV. And he was really there for all the contestants. He was talking to us in between takes. Just calming us down and making sure we were comfortable.”

It wasn’t all competition, there was some bonding time.

Kevin Duplan: “A group of the contestants and I, we got to go to the Guinness Brewery so that was a good time. Won’t tell you what happened after that honestly I can’t remember much of it.”

So are we looking at the winner, winner are you $250,000 richer?

Kevin Duplan: “I mean, I could tell you but where’s the fun in that. You got to watch the show.”

Rob Lowe: “Woohooo, holy moly, she’s coming for me. So who’s going to claim victory and take over the floor?!”

‘The Floor’ hits tonight at 9 p.m. only on 7

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