Imagine a cure-all for everything from the flu to … you know what. It’s one hot commodity in a new action thriller now streaming everywhere, so much so that a crew of criminals wants it all for themselves, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it — including bad boy Steven Bauer, aka Manny from “Scarface,” mang.

Sure, Steven Bauer played a drug lord in “Scarface,” but in real life, the only thing killer about this iconic Cuban American actor is his personality.

Steven Bauer: “When I open my garage and I’m in my underwear, they must see me and go, ‘That is him! That’s him!'”

Well, that and his role in the new action-thriller “Love on the Rock.”

He plays Claudio Fairbanks in the high-stakes story of international espionage, where a miracle drug that can cure anything from diabetes to cancer may end up in the wrong hands – his!

Steven Bauer: “I am the greatest megalomaniac on Earth, but I happen to be isolated Don Malta, but I want the whole world, by owning the cure.”

Steven stars alongside longtime friend and Emmy-winning producer Vincent De Paul, who is…

Vincent De Paul: “Going to be abducted and beat up by Steven Bauer’s character. I didn’t realize how much prosthetics and blood that endured.”

It takes place in beautiful and historic Malta.

Vincent De Paul: “John the Baptist was there, so there was also this very spiritual, Christian element.”

So, you know, the working conditions weren’t awful.

Steven Bauer: “It’s an amazing place.”

It was also a romantic getaway for him and his fiancée, Jen, who share a loving home in Miami.

Steven Bauer: “When we came back from Malta, the following Valentine’s Day was our wedding date, and the the whole world came down with this virus.”

Claudio isn’t completely unlike Manny Ribera, either. Well, you know, if this hadn’t happened.

But with one key difference.

Steven Bauer: “I don’t know if Manny would have had that much ambition. Manny was kind of like, ‘Hey, everything is cool, mang. I just want to make some money.'”

In other words, not as uncanny as my impression, “mang.”

Alex Miranda: “What the [expletive] are you talking about, mang? I’m your partner, OK? If you’re not going to trust me with that kind of thing, who the [expletive] are you going to trust?'”

Steven Bauer “That’s it? That’s your Manny…” (rolls eyes)

Alex Miranda: “You know what? Tou should listen to your wife, mang. You are…an [expletive].”

Steven Bauer: “That was … terrible!”

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