After 50 years of rocking the world, Kiss called it quits in December. The band’s frontman, Paul Stanley, isn’t looking for a hobby. He’s kicked his art career up a few notches. Deco got a look at his latest work at the Wentworth Gallery inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

As a member of Kiss, Paul Stanley conquered the universe with a guitar in his hands. These days, he creates with a paintbrush and lets his artwork do the talking.

He says he never knows what’s going to happen.

Paul Stanley: “Picasso said that if he had to describe himself as an artist, he would say he’s an artist without a style, and I love the idea, that that’s always morphing into something else.”

Whether it’s his earlier, portrait-based work or his current impressionistic paintings, one characteristic has always connected Paul’s work.

Paul Stanley: “I’ve always loved color. To me, color is a way of affirming life. Life should be colorful.”

What the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is looking for in the painting process is simple. He’s searching for spontaneity.

Paul Stanley: “I want to get further and further away from planning something out and letting it be completely organic. That, to me, is the purest sense of who I am.”

Kiss was always known as a band who put their fans ahead of their critics. As a visual artist, Paul is sticking to that belief.

Paul Stanley: “You don’t need to be told what’s good. Innately, you know what’s good. Good is what emotionally moves you in terms of art or music.”

You may think creating a painting and recording a song have a lot in common. That’s where you’d be wrong.

Paul Stanley: “For me, music and art are almost the antithesis of each other. Music is much more structured. As I approach art, it’s not structured.”

Paul has a special message for all his SoFlo fans.

Paul Stanley: “I’m so happy to be down in South Florida. I’ve spent so much time down here. I’ve been here since the days of jai alai, and I love South Florida, and I love you, and come see me.”

Paul Stanley was on hand at the Wentworth Gallery at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino until 9 p.m. on Friday. He’ll be at the Wentworth Gallery in Boca Raton on Saturday.

Wentworth Gallery: Paul Stanley

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