Holiday dinner with the family. It’s such a special time, and a potentially dangerous time, what with so many knives right there on the table. But there’s a lighter side to a family’s festering rage. With more, here’s Alex Miranda, a man who lives for that drama.

In “Easter Sunday,” which hits theaters this weekend, Jo Koy tries to keep his relatives from destroying each other before dinner. What they do after that is their own business.

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “Family is a mess.”

Elena Juatco (as Regina): “We’re counting on you to fix it. Bye.”

Comedian Jo Koy stars in the new comedy “Easter Sunday.”

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “Easter Sunday is like the Filipino Super Bowl.”

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “There he is. There’s my puya.”

The film is based on Jo’s own Filipino family. It’s pretty much a home movie.

Jo Koy: “I mean, it was damn near a biopic. I mean, it was just missing a couple of more characters, and we would’ve had a documentary on our hands, for sure.”

The problem preventing the family from having a peaceful holiday meal is the battle between Jo’s mom and his aunt, Teresa.

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “Did you really have to wear the same dress as my mom?”

Tia Carrere (as Tita Theresa): “Oh, I can’t help it if I wear it better?”

Lydia Gaston (as Susan): “This is war.”

Tia Carrere (as Tita Theresa): “Oops.”

Jo plays a struggling actor trying to make it in Hollywood. His relationship with his mom is classic.

Lydia Gaston (as Susan): “You’re going to be a pilot?”

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “A network pilot for like a TV show.”

Lydia Gaston (as Susan): “Aaah, you’re playing a pilot on a TV show.”

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “No, a lawyer.”

Lydia Gaston (as Susan): “You could have been a lawyer if you only applied yourself.”

: “That’s for real, you know. I think 33 years of my career being a stand-up comic, I think my mom would still want me to be a doctor. ‘You know, Joseph, a doctor. My God.'”

Tiffany Haddish shows up in uniform as Jo’s former girlfriend.

Tiffany Haddish (as Vanessa): “Joe?”

Jo Koy (as): “Vanessa!”

Tiffany Haddish (as Vanessa): “Yeah, Joe Valencia. You still driving that same raggedy-ass car? What happened? You just gave up, huh?”

Sharing screen time with Tiffany was easy-peasy for Jo. They’ve been pals for a long time.

Jo Koy: “Tiffy and I go way back, you know. That’s a 19-year relationship right there that her and I have.”

Jo’s hoping “Easter Sunday” opens the door for more movies about all kinds of families.

Jo Koy: “There’s gonna be people that are gonna watch this, and they’re gonna feel seen and also know that, yeah, Hollywood wants more of this.”

Jo Koy (a Joe Valencia): “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re all we got, so let’s get the party started, baby!”

Easter Sunday hits theaters next Easter. Just kidding! It hits theaters this weekend.

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