You might think Barbie’s Dreamhouse only lives on in your childhood memories — or maybe on the big screen — but thanks to a new Wynwood pop-up, Barbie is living large in the real world. Our very own Ken doll, Alex Miranda, is there with more.

At Malibu Barbie Café in Wynwood, everything is pretty and also plastic

Life in plastic?

Aqua (singing): “It’s fantastic.”

But in Miami, we already knew that.

Alex Miranda: “Give me your best pose. How are you – is it…?

Derek Berry: “I just do one of these.”

The perfect place for Malibu Barbie Café.

Derek Berry: “We want parents to come over here not just go, ‘This is for the kids,’ but everyone enjoy it. This is date night, this is girls’ night out.”

Which is making waves in Wynwood.

Alex Miranda: “You can actually get real food, like, you can really have lunch, you can really have dinner, This isn’t just some fakey restaurant.”

Derek Berry: “Correct. It’s not plastic, it’s an assembled thing.”

Alex Miranda: “Well, somewhat.”

Derek Berry: “Somewhat.”

The pop-up restaurant is giving groovy, 1970s beachside energy.

Derek Berry: “But it’s not just things pink, it’s all the different colors that take you from – I love the East Coast, but to the West Coast.”

On the walls, Barbiecore.

Derek Berry: “We have it, a life-size Barbie box, one of the many photo ops that you get to experience.”

On the menu, Barbie-cue!

Derek Berry: “The Barbie Burger, Confetti Pancakes.”

Even the hummus is pink.

And … the skating.

Guest 1 (lip syncing Margot Robbie as Barbie): “Did you bring your own roller blades?”

Alex Miranda (lip syncing Ryan Gosling as Ken): “I literally go nowhere without them.”

Derek Berry: “We’re going old school here. We’ve got quads, right? So it’s really going back to the ’70s.”

But, you don’t eat that. Well, unless you fall. Hee-hee!

Alex Miranda: “Oh, so you’re like a real roller skater.”

Guest 1: “Yeah, I came straight from Barbie Land to show off my moves.”

Alex Miranda: “You’re about to whoop my plastic behind. I guess, right?”

Guest 1: “Yeah, absolutely.”

Derek Berry: “It’s only $1 to skate, and it’s all donated to Girls Inc., a nonprofit that we love.”

Grown-up Barbie can order a cocktail.

Derek Berry: “They’re not fake, they’re real, Yeah, oh yeah, 21 plus, hello.”

Alex Miranda: “OK, the adults can play with Barbie, too.”

Thirsty Barbie can order more than one.

Adult tickets include an entrée, side and cake pop.

Alex Miranda: “Love the merch. What do we have to buy? Because I’m seeing your colors here, I’m not seeing pink, I’m not seeing blue, and so, I think we’ve got to outfit you in something a little more Barbie- or Ken-esque.”

Derek Berry: “OK.”

[Alex pick a light green T-shirt.]

Derek Berry: “I’ve always said light green was my color.”

Tickets on start at $29 for kids and $39 for adults. For more deets, click here.

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