There’s nothing better than a good pizza … except for a great pizza. Plantation just got a new pizzeria all the way from Connecticut that diehards say is the best in the entire country. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who likes his topped with Italian sausage, has the story.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana is a big deal. In the pizza world, they’re like A-list celebrities, so when Pepe’s expanded into Plantation, it was my journalistic duty to investigate the menu … or at least that’s what I told my boss.

New Haven has come to Plantation.

Kevin Gagliard: “We’re calling this our first palm tree Frank Pepe’s.”

With “apizz.”

Kevin Gagliard: “It’s a nice char, crispy pizza that stands straight up for ya.”

Frank Pepe’s is an almost century-old Connecticut institution, and its loyal following say this pizza is the best in America.

Kevin Gagliard: “At 7 a.m., they’re in there rolling that dough.”

Their main ingredient: this 14-by-14-foot coal-fired oven, burning at 600 degrees — and identical to the original.

Kevin Gagliard: “It’s magic.”

Those pies be like…

Nelly (singing): “So hot in here.”

They even matched the Ph balance of the New Haven water!

Jonathan: “I love the char of the crust. I don’t know if it’s the water. You know, they say the water up north really makes a difference.”

I agree. There’s something in the water here.

Guest: “Ay! You’re using a fork and a knife with pizza! What are you doin’?!”

Alex Miranda: “I made this pizza, with my heart and my soul; I can do what I want.”

Guest: “Now you’re breaking my heart!”

Kevin Gagliard: “You have flour and water, and some secret stuff in there.”

Secret? I’m on the case, with Pizzaiolo Chris.

Chris: “This is our medium dough.”

Which is 16 inches here.

Alex Miranda (tapping dough): “Ooh, it feels nice.”

Chris: “Yeah, it’s nice and soft.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, it’s so soft!”

Next, sauce.

Kevin Gagliard: “We pick the tomatoes from Italy.”

Alex Miranda: “Aha, it’s circles.”

Chris: “All the way around.”

Alex Miranda: “Woww.”


Chris: “We have our mozzarella.”

Alex Miranda (talking with his mouth full): “Sorry, I had to. Oh, my God. It’s so good!”

Now, pepperoni, meatball, onion…

Alex Miranda (overcome with emotion): “It’s so beautiful. I mean, look at the onion. I love pizza so much.”

Pepper, mushroom, sausage…

Alex Miranda: “This looks amazing, but it still has one missing ingredient.”

Chris: “Yup! Our Pecorino Romano!”

Kevin Gagliard: “We get the whole blocks from Italy.”

Fire it up, baby!

Alex Miranda [slides stick]: “Yeah!”

Chris: there you go.”))

And 15 minutes later…

Alex Miranda: “Oh, oh, oh, whoops! Is that the most beautiful pizza you’ve ever seen?!”


Chris: “Let me take a look. That’s amore.”

But the waiter is weird.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, no. See, this is the size of the slice that I want.”

Waiter Alex Miranda: “Enjoy your meal.”

Diner Alex Miranda: “Thanks. [tastes pizza] Does this mean I’m Italian now?”

Frank Pepe’s is located at Plantation Walk, which is located on University Drive, near Broward Boulevard.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
341 N University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324

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