“Call Me Kat” has laughs, music and a talented cast. Just don’t call me late for dinner. We’re just a couple days away from the debut of the new FOX show, and one of the stars is telling Deco all about it.

Fox’s new comedy “Call Me Kat” stars Mayim Bialik as a single 39-year-old proving to society, and her mother, she’s finding happiness on her own.

Cheyenne Jackson: “When she breaks the fourth wall, looks into camera, and we get an insight as to what she’s actually thinking, I just thought it was done in a really fresh, beautiful way, and I thought, if anybody is going to be able to make this work, it’s going to be Mayim.”

Co-star Cheyenne Jackson was seeking out a lighter hearted role like this.

Cheyenne Jackson: “Something that was joyful, full of joy, full of light. Coming off of this year that we’ve all experienced, and the four years on ‘American Horror Story,’ I was kind of looking to lighten it up a little bit for myself.”

Aside from a guest appearance on “Will & Grace,” multi-cam is also new for him.

Cheyenne Jackson: “I’ve really been taking my cues from this incredible cast. I mean, Swoosie [Kurtz] has done so many shows. Mayim has been doing this since she was 11, and Kyla Pratt, I mean, she can make anything work. Same with Julian [Gant], and then Leslie [Jordan] is, you know, a national treasure.”

He shares a moment he knew the chemistry of this cast just clicked.

Cheyenne Jackson: “I think it was about halfway through the pilot, ’cause we all had to get used to doing all of this with all our masks on and the cameramen with all of their three layers, and it was just to find our bearings. But then we got into the rhythm, and we just started to be with each other, and then it just started happening.”

It’s the most anticipated TV event of the year so far. “Call Me Kat” premieres Sunday, then moves to Thursdays starting Jan. 7, right here on 7.

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