Cast of ‘The Predator’ talk Arnold and violent deaths

The Predator is back … but Arnold isn’t.

“Page Six” says Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down a cameo in the reboot.

But even without Ah-nold, it’s bigger, stronger and definitely uglier than ever before.

No sooner than the creature landed on earth, Deco landed in Toronto to dish with the star-studded cast.

In “The Predator,” it’s Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Munn’s job not to let these ugly things destroy mankind.

Olivia Munn (as Casey Bracket): “I think they’re attempting hybridization. They’re upgrading on every planet they visit.”

Olivia plays a scientist, and Boyd is a military guy.

So while he and his crew are trying to kill the head honcho Predator — Olivia wants to study it.

Olivia Munn: “This is something she’s been waiting for her entire life, and all of a sudden, the call comes through.”

That call is made after Boyd manages to get his hands on some Predator armor and ship it back home, where his son, played by Jacob Tremblay, unknowingly signals the creature to earth, so yeah, thanks for that, Jake.

Jacob Tremblay: “I’m sorry, Dad … I mean, it’s really his fault. He’s the one who sent me the stuff.”

Boyd Holbrook: “I sent it to you, to be honest. But you take it off.”

Jacob Tremblay: “I am a kid, so… I mean…”

This is the sixth Predator movie. The first, of course, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987.

So on one end of the spectrum, you have super-fan Keegan Michael-Key geeking out this entire time.

Keegan Michael-Key: “It was really great, especially when I read the script for the first time. I was just getting more and more excited every page I turned, to be involved in the franchise.”

And on the other hand, 11-year-old Jacob is probably too young to watch any of the flicks, and yet his Arnold impression is spot on.

Arnold in “Predator”: “Get to the chopper!”

Jacob Tremblay: “Get to the chopper! You have to get out of here! Go, now!”

Nailed it!

No surprises here. You can expect at least one thing from this movie: violent deaths.

Thomas Jane: “We had a couple of good ones in this one. I gotta tell ya, I was like — that’s creative. Especially that one in the beginning when the blood starts dripping down on…”

Keegan Michael-Key: “Oooh, that one’s great! That’s a good one!”

Don’t worry, no spoilers. That could be any death they were talking about. And there are plenty.

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