Cast of ‘Knives Out’ share their love for Miami

The movie “Knives Out” has a lot of superstars in the cast, and they all agree on one thing: their love of the 305, and they were feeling the love with Deco’s grand inquisitor, Alex Miranda.

Chris Evans (as Ransom Drysdale): “Tell me what happened to my grandfather.”

Danirl Craig (as Benoit Blanc): “I think you have something you want to tell me.”

“Knives Out” took a slice out of the box office this weekend, snatching $27 million behind Disney’s money monster, “Frozen II,” but when Deco talked with the cast in Los Angeles about the critically-acclaimed murder mystery, Miami Vice star Don Johnson had another city on the mind.

Alex Miranda: “I can’t leave without asking you about Miami because I’m from Miami, so I think I should and I think I should be allowed the question, right?”

Don Johnson: “It’s fair. It’s fair.”

Alex Miranda: “How often do you spend with us in Miami?”

Don Johnson: “The only thing they didn’t fix was the traffic. It’s gotten worse and it was bad then! And this is a true story. When I was down there making the show, if I had a location that we were shooting in that was farther away than 20 to 25 minutes from my house, I would call a helicopter.”

Alex Miranda: “Man, that is nice!”

Don Johnson: “I love Miami. I love the people of Miami. I love the culture of Miami.”

And we now love “Knives Out” breakout star, as well as upcoming bond girl, Cuban actress Ana de Armas — who also told Deco about what it’s like to go from Havana to Hollywood.

Ana de Armas: “It’s been a process, but it makes me very proud, and I hope that Cubans and Latinos also feel inspired and understand that we are capable of getting anywhere.”

Also easy on the eyes, the ever-stylish Chris Evans, who reminds us he’s definitely not from SoFlo when asked about his top tips for men’s style.

Chris Evans: “It depends what the weather is, but that’s why I like the East Coast in the winter because when it’s cold out, who doesn’t look good in cable-knits? Everybody looks good in cable-knits.”

Ana de Armas: “In what?”

Chris Evans: “Cable-knits. Cable-knit sweaters that I wear.”

Ana de Armas: “I agree. I didn’t know what they were, but if I see them, I like them.”

“Knives Out” is now showing in theaters.

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