Casa Tua Cucina brings Italian cuisine to Brickell City Centre

Shopping and good food go hand in hand, probably because shopping works up quite the appetite. So true! And there’s a new Italian spot in Brickell City Centre that offers up quite the feast.

Foodies, you’ll be in full amore with this. Welcome to Casa Tua Cucina at Saks in Brickell City Centre.

Miky Grendene, Casa Tua Cucina: “Casa Tua Cucina is a big kitchen.”

In this kitchen, guests can eat or drink from any of its 10 different stations.

Miky Grendene: “We try to create a big kitchen and divide it in different sections so customers can enjoy every section separately. We have pizza, we have pasta, we have the grill, we have the Cru de Bar that basically is our sushi — Italian interpretation of sushi.”

It’s more like sashimi, but we’ll take it!

It doesn’t end there, though.

Miky Grendene: “We have the bakery, we have the pastry, we have the coffee and tea.”

From the salad station to the bar, and even a flower shop, there’s nothing you can’t find. But unlike most restaurants, at Casa Tua Cucina, you get to pick your dining experience.

Miky Grendene: “You can have a great pasta or a great pizza in 10 minutes, or you can stay here for two hours and go and experience and try a little bit of everything we do.”

This spot isn’t just a place to fill up your belly. There’s also plenty to feast your eyes on.

You can watch the pros put their skills to work as they make their fresh pasta and pizza dough.

Miky Grendene: “If you see somebody prepare something in front of you, I think it adds a little bit to the taste.”

And it’ll definitely have you feeling like you’re in Casa Tua’s motherland — Italia.

Giordana Marchesani: “It’s exactly the same that we have in Italy. Yeah, exactly the same. The food is great, absolutely great, and it’s so fresh and really, really good. ”


Casa Tua Cucina
81 SW 8th St.
Miami, Fl 33130
(305) 763-1010

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