Brunch isn’t just a meal, it’s a bougie communal experience. Nobody talks about having brunch alone. You go out with friends or family!

And with restaurants back open and people getting vaxxed, brunch is back! So tonight, we’re celebrating our favorite meal of the day. And it’s time for another round, please!

South Florida’s brunch game is strong, and it’s back in a big way as people feel more comfortable dining out in groups again!

Chef Tristen Epps: “Now that we don’t have to limit it and we can let people come in, you see a lot more families, a lot more big groups of friends.”

Jada Banks, customer: “I’m very excited because we’re going outside, we’re vaccinated, just having a good time.”

Red Rooster in Overtown knows what’s up. They go all out for brunch on weekends, with a gospel choir.

Chef Tristen Epps: “It’s like a rock concert of just good news, great praise.”

Good vibes and good food, because Red Rooster’s brunch menu towers over all others.

Chef Tristen Epps: “The official name for my seafood tower is the Beach Bird Seafood Tower. “We based it off of, if we were gonna go to the beach, what would we wanna take with us?”

The answer is fried chicken and cornbread, poached shrimp, oysters, and caviar deviled eggs. My goodness!

Chef Tristen Epps: “It is one of the funnest things to have on the table.”

The fried chicken especially looks bougie brunch-worthy.

Jada Banks, customer: “It’s not too heavy. It’s a banger. It’s good.”

Chica in Miami is also experiencing a post-pandemic brunch rush!

Chef Lorena Garcia: “Brunch was one of those things people were craving. As soon as we opened, the first thing that we did was, of course, open Saturday and Sunday brunch.”

Chica’s brunch menu features an eclectic Latin American cuisine, but two dishes really caught our eye, because — wow.

Look at this red velvet churro bouquet and a sticky bun served with a sparkler.

Chef Lorena Garcia: “Our presentation is absolutely unique, and besides that, delicious.”

Chica dusts the churros in red velvet raspberry sugar, and the sticky bun comes soaked in a rum glaze.

Chef Lorena Garcia: “We top it off with a pistachio cream cheese frosting that goes so well with rum.”

Maria Franco, customer: “Amazing. Like, it’s super moist. The pistachio cream cheese frosting is out of this world.”

Honestly, everything probably tastes better because we’re brunching it up with friends again.

Maria Franco, customer: “I’ve been waiting for this for one year and something, so I’m enjoying anything I can.”

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