Bottoms Up GastroPub and Tap House serves beer upside down

You know the drill: you walk into a bar and order a beer. But what happens next almost knocks you off your stool. The bartender puts a glass down and fills it from the bottom up. This is no magic trick. It’s business as usual in a brand new bar in Broward.

Things are looking up in Coral Springs at the aptly-named Bottoms Up GastroPub and Tap House.

Gabriel, owner: “It’s a tap house with really great selections of beers with a new beer system.”

This is a most unique establishment.

Gabriel: “It’s the first tap house where we use this system in South Florida.”

The system will blow your mind, and it all starts with a glass.

Gabriel: “It has a metal ring on the bottom, and inside the glass you put a magnet.”

Once that’s done, the glass is placed on a spout — they call it a “bulb.”

Gabriel: “This kind-of bulb that pushes the magnet up, and the beer starts coming up.”

“Doesn’t the beer spill out when you lift the glass?” you might ask. Au contraire, my friends.

Gabriel: “When you remove the glass, the magnet seals the ring.”

After you’ve enjoyed your brew, you get another momento of your time here.

Gabriel: “Each of the magnets is a souvenir for the customer, so you can take the magnet with you.”

A word of advice — don’t go messing with the magnet.

Gabriel: “We had some people trying to push the magnet with the beer inside. Obviously the beer started coming out of the glass.”

There’s plenty of grub at this gastropub.

The chef can whip up house favorites like beer-battered fish and chips with cilantro cole slaw, or maybe a helping of chicken tortellini alfredo will do.

Grilled cheese with bacon and balsamic reduction, the massive Texas burger and beer cheese covered with bacon bits will also hit the spot.

Gabriel: “The food is great. It’s not because I am the owner, believe me.”

At Bottoms Up, it’s not what they put in your glass — it’s how they put it in there that’s so much fun.

Djenald, patron: “That had to have been the coolest thing that I’ve seen all year — like how the beer comes up, comes up out of your drink. ‘Bottoms Up’ — I see where they came up with that.”

Bottoms Up GastroPub and Tap House
4320 N. State Rd. 7
Coral Springs, FL 33067
(954) 507-1237

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