Getting warmer…

South Florida is feeling the warmth again.   This follows several small batches of cooler (or milder) weather, from a series of cold fronts over recent weeks.   Looking ahead, it’s the strongest surge of warming since October, on the way!   This noticeable change comes as winds veer more out of the south.   The warmth is building on the backside of high pressure sitting over the western Atlantic Ocean.   So how warm will it get?   The latest forecast has temperatures inching up into the middle 80’s by midweek.   That’s a good 5 degrees above normal for this time of the year!   Then, combine more humidity into the mix, and it makes for even more of a dramatic change.   While we bask in times of sun and bigger warmth we’ll also pay attention to the next cold front.   It should meet up with increasing moisture to bring a few areas of rain by Thursday, or sooner.  This is ahead of the actual front reaching south Florida on Friday.   It’s unlikely this front makes much of an impression on local temperatures.   Basically, as it drops southward, it should lose its punch.  Since upper level winds “level off” and become zonal, the main cooling won’t be able to reach us at the end of the week.



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