Bulk Meat

WSVN — South Florida shoppers are lining up for a new option to save money and get fresh meat straight from the farm.

Jim Stephenson: “It’s my first time. This is the best deal I’ve ever had. We picked up this chicken on Tuesday, and the next morning we’re delivering it to people. One day only.”

The company is Zaycon and the concept is easy. You sign up, drive to the truck location and your food is put right into your car from the delivery truck.

Jim Stephenson: “We do chicken, we do ground beef, we do bacon, we do sausage, we do a little bit of fish once in a while.”

You drive away happy with healthy, never frozen, meats and some green left in your wallet.

Kelly Johnson-Morrell: “I think this will be pretty good because most of the stuff has so many preservatives and salt and other types of stuff in there.”

By cutting out the middleman the costs are lower, like today’s chicken sold for about $2 a pound.

John King: “You want to get the most value for your dollar, no matter what you’re spending your money on.”

But keep in mind, this is all in bulk so you have to buy 20 to 40 pounds of the meat.

John Balaban: “I have three children. We eat a lot and one of our main meats that we eat a lot is chicken. So, this is really going to be a great blessing to us because we get a big bang for a little buck.”

Zaycon does alternate their selection based on the season.