Happy Sunday, South Florida!

How about the first half of our weekend? It was absolutely picture perfect! South Florida enjoyed low humidity, very comfortable temperatures all day, a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine to go around. And if that weren’t enough, South Florida also started off on the pleasant side earlier this morning (although we did notice that the breeze was MUCH stronger this morning as compared to yesterday morning).

So why is it so windy in South Florida this weekend? Well to the north of us we have a very strong high-pressure system and this is the one that is keeping control of our weather pattern.  But out to the west we also have a developing system that will slowly approach our state throughout the day on Monday and reach us early Tuesday. This leaves South Florida lodged in between both systems, which has tightened our pressure gradient and caused our wind speeds to increase to the last 24 hours.  A wind advisory has been issued for Coastal Miami-Dade & Coastal Broward until 7pm today.

Windy conditions will prevail across south Florida through the day today with very gusty ENE winds at times.  Our wind pattern will also begin to shift a bit more out of the east today, which means that a spotty shower or two cannot be ruled out late in the day. Other than that, South Florida should remain mainly dry today with a mix of sun and clouds and once again enjoying very comfortable temperatures into the afternoon.  The real changes come for the start of the work week.

This heat relief that we enjoyed across South Florida this weekend unfortunately will be a brief one. As we head into next week our wind pattern will begin to veer out of the Southeast once again and this will trigger a warming trend across all of South Florida. So by Monday afternoon our temperatures will be back into the 80s.  A weak front will try to move through our area early Tuesday but it will be just that,…a weak one. So other than a few degrees of a drop during the early morning hours on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, our afternoon high temperatures will hover around that 80° mark through much of the upcoming work week. Humidity levels might be on the lower side by the middle of the week (behind the weak front) but that too will be short-lived as moisture begins to creep back into our area by the end of the week.