Tropical Troubles

We have not needed our umbrellas for much of the work week. This won’t be the case over the weekend.

A tropical wave will make a beeline for South Florida by Saturday. This will lead to rounds of rain starting Saturday afternoon through Sunday. The primary threat will be street flooding concerns from anytime downpours. Strong storms also cannot be ruled out due to morning sunshine heating up our unsettled atmosphere.

We will have a break in the high rain chances by Monday. Starting Tuesday, an influx of deep tropical moisture is expected to move into South Florida, yet again. This will be from a low being eyed by the National Hurricane Center.

As of Friday evening, this feature has medium chances for development over the next 5 days. Strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere are making tropical development a challenge. A recon mission is scheduled for this Sunday to investigate this feature, if necessary.

Regardless of tropical development, the showers and storms associated with it will bring us high storm chances Tuesday and Wednesday.

Additionally, the threat of a stormy setup will stick around for most of the week as lingering moisture and a front to the north trap deep tropical moisture over South Florida.



Tropical Storm Harvey continues to move over the Caribbean Sea.  No coastal watches or warnings are in place. Heavy rains could occur over portions of the Windward Islands and the offshore islands of northern Venezuela on Friday. By Saturday, the ABC Islands could see heavy rain. But, eastern Central American and northern South America should monitor Harvey in the days ahead.

There is also a tropical wave over the Eastern Atlantic with a medium chance of development over the next 5 days in the Central Atlantic.

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