Booker T. Washington quarterback named top player in South Florida

Booker T. Washington quarterback Daniel Richardson has been named the South Florida High School Player of the Year.

“It’s a great honor just to be awarded for this award, so many seniors and all the other underclassmen that are great athletes,” Daniel said. “It’s just an amazing feeling just to win this award.”

Richardson is the fourth recipient of the award, following in the footsteps of Dalvin Cook, Jawon Hamilton and Hilton Joseph.

But he’s the first sophomore to win the award.

“I remember when he was like 5 years old, and he put a ball in his hand. Our next door neighbor used to call him ‘Lil Culpepper,'” Daniel’s mother Vanessa Gordon said. “Not knowing that he was going to take this journey as a quarterback.”

This year’s recipient of college football’s top honor, the Heisman trophy, is also a sophomore quarterback from South Florida.

“I was just watching the Heisman trophy ceremony the other day, and I was looking at Lamar Jackson,” Daniel said. “A lot of people have been saying that, and I do see that a little bit.”

As a freshman, Richardson led the Tornadoes to a state championship. Now, he wants the next best thing.

“What’s next is winning a national championship,” he said.

Warren Henry Automotive Group partnered with the Tournament of Champions to provide the finalists with a once in a lifetime platform.

“South Florida is a football haven, so much talent, the most in the country,” Miami Heat legend Alonzo Mourning said.

“They do great things on the field, no doubt, they’re the best, but they’re great off the the field, and this is a great thing for us to participate in,” he said.

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