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Del Toro Insurance


We  specialize  in  writing  personal  automobile  insurance  policies  throughout  Florida  with the  majority  of  our  business  generated  in  the  Miami-Dade  County  area.

We  will  continue to  strive  to  maintain  a  high  profile  of  excellence.  We  require  our  staff  to  maintain  the optimum   level   of   technical   competence   and   a   broad   understanding   of   business relationships.

Our  Mission  is  to  provide  a  valuable  service  by  analyzing  your  insurance  needs  and offering  policies  from  several  insurance  companies  to  find  the  best  blend  of  coverage, price and service.




Are You looking for a car? Using our services saves you the time and effort of having to car-hunt at dealer lots, an activity which most people find to be less than desirable. Because we are essentially professional car buyers, the entire sale process is typically seamless and straight forward.

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Synergy HomeCare


If you’re like most people, you’re looking for the best care available for yourself and your family.

As your loved ones experience the physical and emotional effects of aging such as memory-related disorders (dementia and Alzheimer’s), illness or injury, you’re seeking assurance that their safety, comfort, dignity and well-being will be protected as they continue to live independently in their homes.

SYNERGY HomeCare gives you peace of mind by providing the high-quality care your loved ones deserve.