Wine Spa

WSVN — For wine lovers, it's hard to imagine anything better than swirling and sipping fine vino. Well, how about drinking wine and getting your feet massaged at the same time?

Colleen Bryan: "Between the wine, the foot massage and the vibrating chair, I think I'm going to move in."

Here's something to drink to, at Full Bodied Wine & Spa in Coconut Grove, it's all about vino from head to toe. All the products used for massages, facials, manis and pedis are grape-based since grapes are believed to have extraordinary anti-oxidant power.

Emile Mourad, Full Bodied Wine & Spa owner: "I wanted to marry the wine that I love so much and the spa that I think everyone loves."

Some of the spa's signature treatments: a Riesling facial that's supposed to perk up tired skin, or how about a Cabernet deep tissue massage using candle oil to relax tried muscles?

Terese Britt: "We light the candle, it melts it about three degrees above body temperature, then we use that oil to give you a warming massage. She's going to be smelling the Cabernet scent of aromatherapy."

The biggest buzz, clients get a wine tasting during their treatments.

Emile Mourad: "If you're having a Chardonnay massage, you can have a glass of Chardonnay to compliment your massage or facial."

So, why not get tipsy while you get your tips and toes done?

Colleen: "Am I slurring my words yet?"

You can also buy wine there from any region and price range.


Full Bodied Wine and SpaCocoWalk, Suite 116 3015 Grand Ave.Coconut Grove, FL 33133 305-444-1085