Woman says hair dryer from Amazon shot out flames

(WSVN) - A woman is looking for answers after, she said, a hair dryer she bought on Amazon shot out flames.

Erika Shoolbred posted a video on Facebook with a caption calling the product a “hair frier.”

“Fire is coming out of the hair dryer,” she can be heard saying in the video.

Shoolbred said she purchased a “salon grade” hair dryer and turned it on fresh out of the box.

“Oh, my gosh. I cannot freakin’ believe this,” Shoolbred can be heard saying.

The video has since gone viral.

A professional hair stylist near Fayetteville, North Carolina, reacted to the viral video. “Holy… That’s like a blow torch,” said stylist Holly Perry. “Wow, that’s incredible.”

Stylist Samantha Akers said she has never seen a hair dryer shoot out flames like the one in the video, adding that she has “been through a lot of hair dryers.”

Stylists go through a lot of hair dryers, spending upwards of $300 on their “commercial grade” dryers.

“I have an infrared-heated dryer, which is infrared light technology, and it’s never… it gets hot, but never that hot,” said Perry.

“It’s gotta be wires loose?” She predicted about the faulty hair dryer in the video.

“I tell a lot of people, ‘You get what you paid for,'” said stylist Bayleigh Terry, “and that’s with hair tools, products, everyday products.”

Shoolbred said Amazon refunded her the money and took the product off of its web site after she submitted a product safety form online.

She said she has yet to hear from Amazon or the manufacturer of the product.

“Unbelievable and scary,” said Perry. “You don’t anticipate buying a product and having that happen.”

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