Viral video shows retired K-9’s hilarious reaction upon hearing the word ‘cocaine’

(WSVN) - A dog named Dante has become a viral sensation for the way he reacts to certain buzz words.

Dante is a retired police dog from Australia who used to specialize in sniffing out drugs.

He shot to fame after his owner Davey Rutherford posted a video of him reading out a grocery list to Dante, with a special item thrown in the mix.

“Alright, shopping list: bread, milk pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine,” Rutherford could be heard saying in the TikTok.

Dante was calmly looking out the window but after hearing the word cocaine, he looked right at his owner and straightened up.

“Just kidding,” Rutherford then said.

Rutherford’s TikTok feed is dedicated to showcasing Dante.

The grocery list TikTok has since racked up millions of views with many comments posted thanked Dante for his service.

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