Uncle accused of drowning nephew in bathtub, dumping body in trash

SEATTLE (WSVN) — Police have arrested a man after they said he drowned his 6-year-old nephew with autism in a bathtub.

Court documents say 19-year-old Andrew Clayton Henckel was baby-sitting his nephew Dayvid Pakko, when he grabbed the boy and plunged him face-first into the tub, holding him under water until he stopped struggling, Fox News reports.

Documents go on to say that Henckel then wrapped Dayvid’s body in a blanket, and placed it in a dumpster.

The court documents don’t specify a motive.

However, Fox News reports that Henckel’s public defender, Rachel Forde, said Henckel is on the autism spectrum himself, and asked the judge not to pay sole attention to his statements to police. Forde said individuals on the spectrum are easily susceptible to suggestion and authority figures.

Henckel is currently being held on $1 million bail.

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