Toyota recalls 340,000 Prius hybrid cars for faulty brakes

TOKYO (AP) — Toyota is recalling 340,000 gas-electric hybrid Prius cars around the world for a defect in their parking brakes.

The recall involves 212,000 Prius cars in Japan and 94,000 in North America.

The Japanese automaker says it is not aware of any reports of accidents linked to the defect “as of Oct. 3, 2016.”

Toyota says the parking brake cable can disengage unexpectedly, causing the brakes to stop working properly. So if the car is left in any gear other than park, it could start rolling away, and possibly crash.

In the recall announced Wednesday, Toyota says 17,000 Prius vehicles were recalled in Europe, and the rest in Australia and other regions.

The problem models were manufactured from August 2015 through October 2016. Owners will receive notices starting next month.

The company says all the vehicles were manufactured at its Tsutsumi plant in Toyota city, Japan, the company’s headquarters, one of a handful of plants around the world that make the Prius.

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