Teens in forbidden relationship go missing in Texas

HUMBLE, Texas (WSVN) – Two teens forbidden to date have gone missing in Texas.

According to Fox 26, 13-year-old Jeremy Ogden and his girlfriend Halie Journet went missing Sunday after the teens’ parents forced the couple to break up.

“Call anybody that can tell us you’re safe,” said Ogden’s mother, Toni. “I just want to know you’re OK.”

According to Ogden’s mother, she said the two apparently took off in Jeremy’s sister’s 2015 Nissan Altima. His mother added that neither of them have ever driven a car before Sunday morning, and do not have phones or money.

“Halie is very sheltered,” said Halie’s mother, Erica Journet. “She wouldn’t know how to do a lot of things. I definitely think someone is working with them. The scary part is who.”

A short time before the teens went missing, Fox 26 reported that Jeremy had his phone taken away and Halie’s parents ended their relationship.

Ogden’s family said they believe their son ran away because he is grieving the loss of his older brother, who committed suicide last month.

“I have your back,” said Halie’s father, Palo. “No matter what has happened, what’s going on, you can reach out and know that we’re going to help you through whatever is going on.”

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