Teen set to play college football murdered hours after graduation

DALLAS (WSVN) — A 17-year-old is behind bars, accused of murdering a popular teenager in Dallas just hours after he walked across the graduation stage.

Police arrested Jeremiah Robinson a day after the fatal shooting that took LaDajrick Cox’s life, Fox 4 reports.

Cox had been voted Prom King, Homecoming King, most popular, best looking, and best all-around at Carter High School. The popular school athlete had been accepted at Navaro College to play football.

Just hours after graduation, Cox was out with several friends in Irving, Texas, to celebrate. Police said the group pulled into a 7-Eleven around 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning. That’s when three men started cat-calling a girl in their group as she left the store.

Cox and his friends came to the girl’s defense, trying to diffuse the situation.

Police said as Cox and his friends drove away, the men followed their car, pulling up alongside them and firing shots into the vehicle.

Three of the boys in the car were hit by bullets, with Cox taking bullets to his head and side. He passed away hours later at a nearby hospital.

Cox’s father, Reginald Henry, told Fox 4 that his son always stuck up for others.

“He just wanted to do the right thing, wanted to achieve, just tried so hard. I was real proud of him,” Henry said. “You know, he was my only son. That was it. He has siblings and they look up to him and they were just so happy for him just to see him happy. It’s just over. It feels like a part of me is just hurt.”

The other two boys are recovering from their wounds.

Robinson is being held with no bond set yet. It is unclear if the other two men in his car will be charged.

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