Taco Bell introduces strawberry Skittles-flavored slushee drink

(WSVN) - Here’s a different way to “taste the rainbow”: a Skittles-flavored drink.

Taco Bell is rolling out their new Strawberry Skittles Slushee, which is supposed to taste just like the red chewy treat.

The sugary red drink, touted as “your favorite Skittles flavor” by the fast food chain, launched last week and is already winning over fans across the country for its spot-on flavor.

The icy drink sells for $2.29, or $1 if you visit between 2 and 5 p.m. for Happy Hour at participating locations.

The new drink is not the chain’s first attempt to make a candy-flavored beverage. Taco Bell introduced a Pink Strawberry Starburt Freeze back in 2014.

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