Study shows that swearing may make you stronger

UNITED KINGDOM (WSVN) — A recent study from researchers in the United Kingdom and New York has shown that cursing may make people stronger.

According to Fox News, who cited an article by The Independent, researchers discovered that swearing gives the body a boost in power.

Researchers from Keele University in England and Long Island University in Brooklyn made the discovery after two experiments, where participants exercised after both swearing and not swearing.

The results of the experiments showed that those who cursed while working out has increased strength and stamina.

The participants were reportedly told to use a swear word they would use if they got hit on the head, with the most popular words being the s-word and the f-bomb.

This study comes after a 2011 study, conducted by Dr. Richard Stephens, one of the researchers who conducted the aforementioned study, showed that cursing helped people feel less pain.

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