Rescue dog poses for shelter photo by grinning for the camera

WALLER, Texas (WSVN) — Dog lovers are falling in love with a rescue pup sporting a big, toothy grin.

The dog named Cheech was brought into The Waller Animal Shelter and Rescue in Texas, where he posed for photos by “smiling” at the camera, Fox 13 reports.

“He’s super sweet and knows how to smile when you ask him to,” the shelter posted on its Facebook page.

Shelter staff said volunteers initially didn’t know how to handle the pup, since a dog showing its teeth is usually a sign of aggression.

“The smiling scared a couple of the volunteers as they mistook it for snarling, and they were mortified when I stuck my hand in his cage on the day we got him in,” said shelter director Leah Sipe. “He’s an awesome little guy!”

Cheech’s smile has earned him many admirers, and the shelter has received plenty of messages from people wanting to adopt the cheerful pup.

The Waller shelter is not yet even open to the public, since it was recently founded by first responders and city residents in an old renovated jail. It is run entirely by volunteers and is donation-based, operating as the first no-kill shelter in the city and county, the shelter says.

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