Parents search for latest toy craze for the holidays

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A new craze is hatching across the nation, just in time for the holiday season, but parents are having a hard time finding them on store shelves.

Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo and Furby are making way for Hatchimals – this season’s must have toy.

The Hatchimals are eggs that need to be nurtured in order for the furry friend inside to come out of its shell.

YouTubers have even posted videos of how to hatch the toy.

Children can teach the toy how to walk, and it will eventually follow commands.

The lifelike toy is this year’s latest craze, but they’re not that easy to find. “She just wants it,” said parent Shanika Andre. “They want everything that they see their friends talk about, and they see on TV and online nowadays.”

Several stores that 7News crews went to were sold out of Hatchimals.

Sunday morning, parents lined up outside of a Target in Hollywood to get their hands on one of the coveted toys. “Four a.m., we got here and waited in line to make sure we got it,” said one man.

Wal-Mart released a statement that said, “We’re working quickly to secure more of the prized eggs to ensure they’re under the tree ready to hatch on Christmas morning.”

A Toys R Us store in Plantation is also waiting on a shipment and said they received a few of the toys this past Sunday. “We had people lining up on Saturday at 7 p.m. and as I was told, the line went around the building,” said store employee Philip Hatch.

Trending toys happen every year, like the Cabbage Patch Kids and Furby. Spin Masters, the makers of Furby, are the creators of Hatchimals.

“I went online; everywhere this morning, everybody is out,” said shopper Marie Azcoitia. “Wal-Mart has limited quantities, but they’re asking over $200 for them.”

At Toys R Us, Hatchimals are retailed for $69.

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