(WSVN) - OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (WSVN) – A researcher in Oklahoma may have just made a breakthrough when it comes to the fight against cancer.

A researcher at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation has announced that he has discovered a new compound that can be used to fight Glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer.

“This drug seems just as promising, if not better than, what is currently considered the standard of care,” said Dr. Rheal Towner. “Few therapies exist for treating glioblastoma, but this could provide a step in the right direction.”

Glioblastoma currently has no cure. Even with surgery and chemotherapy, patients will typically live only 12 to 18 months after diagnosis.

Sen. John McCain died in 2018 from the cancer.

Towner said a protein named ELTD1 is present in aggressive glioblastoma tumors. He then found a compound that will slow the tumor’s ability to spread.

“This could provide overall treatment with fewer side effects and better results than we see in current drugs,” Towner said.

The drug still needs further testing. However, Towner said he will continue looking for ways to use the drug with other treatments to make it more effective.

He also hopes to use information found with this treatment and potentially apply it to other types of cancer.

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