How to help get over that New Year’s hangover

(WSVN) - Partied a bit too hard while ringing in the new year and now you’re paying the price? Here are a few tips on how to help get over that New Year’s hangover.

While there’s no definite cure that will get rid of a hangover, there are a few things you can do to help ease the symptoms.

According to CNN, staying hydrated is the most important part of fighting off a hangover. Experts recommend drinking plenty of water and fluids to help off-set the symptoms. Fluids with electrolytes are a good choice because they replace essential minerals in the body.

Experts also say eating foods with vitamins A and B, zinc, potassium and other nutrients can help curb the effects. These include eggs, avocados, bananas, vegetables and chicken.

You also may have heard that having another drink will help get rid of the hangover. According to WebMD, having another alcoholic beverage can help calm the effects for a short time, but eventually the symptoms will come back.

So what’s the best cure for a hangover? Experts say: time.

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