General Mills offers up to 5 months paid maternity leave for new moms

MINNEAPOLIS (WSVN) — General Mills says they are expanding their maternity and paternity leave for new parents.

The Minnesota-based company behind popular items like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Hamburger Helper announced that new birth mothers will receive 18-20 weeks paid time off.

Fathers, partners and adoptive parents will receive 12 weeks paid time off.

In addition to the extended parental leave, General Mills also expanded its caregiver leave and bereavement and short-term disability benefits.

Caregivers will receive two weeks of paid leave if family members get sick and need help. Employees will also receive up to four weeks off for bereavement leave.

Employees with short-term disability will also get 100 percent paid time for up to eight weeks and 65 percent of pay for up to 26 weeks.

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