Circuit City plans comeback 10 years after filing for bankruptcy

(WSVN) - Former electronics giant Circuit City says it is making a comeback.

Circuit City made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is being held this week in Las Vegas, according to a Fox Business report.

The retailer will launch a retail website on Feb. 15, CEO Ronny Shmoel said. The company’s ecommerce site will reportedly use IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence platform, and will allow users to search by photo for products. Circuit City says a more personalized shopping experience and real-time tech support will make their website more user-friendly for customers.

The company will showcase and sell products out of kiosks before opening up larger showrooms and retail locations.

Circuit City filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and tried to operate online before closing its last store in 2009. The company folded in 2012.

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