6-year-old uses sleeping mom’s finger to unlock phone, goes on shopping spree

(WSVN) - An intrepid youngster went on a shopping spree with her mom’s phone, despite it being locked.

Fox News reports that six-year-old Ashlynd Howell from Arkansas spotted her mother Bethany taking a nap on the couch. The girl then took her sleeping mother’s thumb and placed it on her iPhone’s fingerprint reader to unlock the device, all so she could order $250 worth of Pokémon merchandise on Amazon.

Her parents at first thought their account had been hacked after they received 13 separate order confirmation emails. But Ashlynd soon fessed up.

“No, mommy, I was shopping,” Bethany Howell said her daughter told her. “But don’t worry, everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house.”

Ashlynd’s parents said they decided not to return the Pokémon purchases made by their daughter. Instead, they gave them to her as Christmas gifts.

We’re guessing they may have opted to use passwords on their phones from now on, though.

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