Turbo: Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L. Jackson

TURBO: "Head in the game, head in the game."

Ryan Reynolds is a little guy with big dreams in "Turbo."

TURBO: "I just want to go a little faster.

His need for speed makes snail life a living hell.

CHET: "You're a snail! Quit it with the speed stuff; start living your life! Morning, Phil.

PHIL: "Morning!" (hawk takes Phil)

TURBO: "I have a life?"

A freak accident gives him freaky speed.

TURBO: "What's happened to me? (racing) Ah ha ha ha!"

A crew of snails led by Samuel L. Jackson's Whiplash push Turbo to chase his insane dream: winning the Indy 500!

WHIPLASH: "Lube! Detailing!

TURBO: "Ow!"


WHITE SHADOW: "Chug, chug, chug!"

TURBO: "Are you crazy?

WHIPLASH: (slapping Turbo) "Yeah, I'm crazy. What made you think I was sane?"

TURBO: "I-I don't know. (Whiplash smacks him again.) Ow!"

RYAN REYNOLDS: "He's a mentor."


RYAN REYNOLDS: "He's giving him what he needs mentally to finish the race."

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "Yeah, there's encouragement there. There's, you know, there's provocation. There's all kinds of stuff."

WHIPLASH: "Snail up, baby!"

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "The dynamic of everyone unifying and saying, 'You can do this, and you need to do it for all of us, not just for yourself.'"

RYAN REYNOLDS: "But Whiplash is my Obi-Wan Kenobi."

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "Yeah, yeah."

RYAN REYNOLDS: "Close enough."

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "Yeah, yeah."

Sam mentored Ryan in the studio too.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "Every now and then I'll text him and go, 'I heard you were not doing your job today.'"

RYAN REYNOLDS: "Yeah. It's an electronic foot up your *bleep*"

WHIPLASH: (to Turbo) "You clearly got the skills to pay the bills, if snails had to pay bills, that is."

And Sam's skills pay bills, too. His movies have banked more than $7 billion at the box office, making him one of the top grossing stars of all time.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "No, 'the!'"


SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "'The.' Let's get it right.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "Gotta get that right. (Ryan mouths 'What?') The highest grossing movie star of all time."

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "Yes! Of all time. (puffing up) Yes."

RYAN REYNOLDS: "My bank account triples every time I brush against him." (Sam laughs)

Sam's no slug at making money, so why step it down as a lowly snail?

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: "It was a great story. You know, any time I read a great story, I'm always trying to find a way to get in it."