WSVN — Whether your child likes to be in the spotlight, or needs some help coming out of his or her shell, there’s a summer camp that will have them center stage. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

From singing, to tapping, to just being silly, kids from six to 17 will love ‘Acting Out’ at the Roxy Theatre Group’s camp this summer.

Charles Sothers, Director at the Roxy Theatre Group: “We do all types of performing arts from acting, singing, dance, musical theater, we have improv.”

And all those classes mean your tiny thespians can really stretch their acting abilities. Coaches begin with some warm-up exercises to loosen up campers, then they do improv to help get them over their shyness and be more spontaneous.

By focusing on tapping the ball back and forth to each another, kids learn how crucial eye contact is, especially when they’re doing a scene. And of course campers get to experience all aspects of the stage.

Charles Sothers: “Costume design, set design, there’s script analysis, kids can learn some directing.”

The great news is any kid can benefit from this camp, even if they haven’t been bitten by the acting bug yet.

Charles Sothers: “It’s great to be able to get on stage, and maybe get over that fear, you know stage fright.”

Parents like the fact that kids learn how to work with others.

Lauren Gonzales, parent: “I think it’s great because they get to be a little more free, and learn how to interact with each other in front of people.”

Another big benefit for mom and dad is the free time.

Charles Sothers: “It’s a 10-hour a day camp, because there’s early drop-off at 8 a.m. and you can pick them up late 6 p.m.”

So this summer let your little star shine.

Lynn Martinez: The camp is part of the Children’s Trust Summer Programs Guide.


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