What's old is new again: In Baz' Luhrmann's: The Great Gatsby. The techni-color love story is based on F. Scott Fitzerald's book from the 20's.  Shireen: "What's the journey audiences will go on – when they see your interpretation?" BAZ LUHRMANN: "I think they will be drawn in – to Jake Gatsby's jazz fueled, hip-hop fueled, intoxicating, champagne fueled bedazzlement. But then they will find themselves in this stark pure place, where four human beings are going: don't you love me, does he love me, what's my view?"The movie – about a love triangle or maybe a rectangle in this case –  jumps-out from the big screen and lands in your lap, literally. Shireen: "Why did you choose 3D? I was surprised, although – I thought it enchanced it."BAZ LUHRMANN: "I'm glad you say that, I was inspired by Fitzgerald, he was a modernist – and I didn't want to make a nostalgic version of Gatsby."He took Fitzgerald's writing creativity and coupled it with an alfred Hitchcock visual hook.BAZ LUHRMANN: "Then i saw Hitchcock's dial m for murder, it was drama made in the 60's. It was a drama set in a room with Grace Kelly – when you see that on the original projectors, you just think."Shireen: "Wow."BAZ LUHRMANN: "Like acting, the idea of Leo, Jal, Tobey & Carey – all in a room tearing their hearts out with 7 pages of dialogue, that's a special effect."Speaking of movies, Baz told me I reminded him of a character in a 60's flick called Suzie Wong.BAZ LUHRMANN: "She hangs around a friend she called mini ho."Shireen: "Welll…"BAZ LUHRMANN: "Huh hu! don't get the wrong idea."Shireen: "Did you say my name? Just kidding."OK back to Gatsby, the movie actually reminds me of Miami. Shireen: "Music, parties..very much uh.."BAZ LUHRMANN: "Sounds like Miami."And for the record…BAZ LUHRMANN: "I know Miami really well."Back in the day – Baz lived in the 305 right on Ocean Drive. BAZ LUHRMANN: "I wrote Romeo And Juliet there at that time Gianni was still alive, my memories of Miami are fantasticly fond,! now, i sneak on off to that part of the world with my children now."If you wanna get lost in romance and the stunning karma of life — this is your ticket: In my opinion – the Great Gatsby has never looked & sounded so good.  

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