WSVN — Shows like American Idol are one path to fame. But nowadays, there’s another way– the Internet. 7’s Lynn Martinez introduces us to two South Florida "teen idols" who have taken social media by storm.  

Hundreds of screaming teenage girls. 60,000 subscribers on YouTube. 179,000 Instagram followers. Move over Bieber, there’s a fresh-faced duo getting noticed on the net.

Julian Jara: "Yo, yo, yo, I’m Julian."

Jovani Jara: "I’m Jovani."

Together: "And we’re 99 Goonsquad!"

Julian and Jovani Jara started broadcasting from their Boynton Beach home just a year ago. And the 16-year-old identical twins have quickly gained a big online following.  

They call themselves "99 Goonsquad," and their fans…

Jovani Jara: "Goonies."

Julian Jara: "Goonies."
No, their name is not a nod to the classic 1985 movie that came out 14 years before they were born.

In fact, they haven’t seen it.

Julian Jara: "No, but I know what you’re talking about– my dad showed me that."
OK, I feel old.

But their admirers are young– and they’re feeling the brotherly love!

Girl on computer: "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you."

The wall of the brothers’ bedroom is lined with adoring fan mail– and thousands around the world watch their nightly live show– where the self-described "social media motivators" deliver an inspirational message to fellow teens.

Jovani Jara: "A lot of our Goonies noticed that too, how far we’ve gotten. It motivates them to go out there and do something, and do what you want."  

Julian Jara: "Sometimes, we’ll read in the comments like, ‘Hey, last time when you motivated me, I got into my dance team’ or, like, ‘I’m in the cheer team.’

Jovani Jara: "’I made my volleyball team because of you guys.’"

Julian and Jovani are not musicians– but that hasn’t stopped them from signing with a talent agency and going on a 10-city tour. Check out this wild scene in L.A.

Although they’re just having fun, the boys recognize the positive impact they can have on others.

Julian Jara: "Someone started crying in my arms, saying like, ‘You helped me out so much. I used to get bullied all the time, but ’cause of you, I’m still here today.’ ‘I was about to cry too ’cause I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy.’"

The pair’s big sister is not surprised by their popularity.

Andrea Jara: "Every single time we go somewhere, people would stop us and be like, ‘Oh my God, you guys are so cute, you guys are twins, blue eyes.’ So I was, you know what, they are always center of attention, they are going to be successful one day."

Full disclosure, the teens’ dad knows a thing or two about cameras himself. Julio is a 7News photographer.

Julian Jara: "When I’m trying to tell him something, he tells me what to do and I’m just like, ‘How do you know?’ And he’s like, ‘I do this every day.’"  

In a bit of "news" that may make quite a few teens happy, Julian and Jovani say they’re single.

Hear that identical twin girls?    

Andrea Jara: "That’s what we always talk about, every single time we go somewhere, my mom is like, ‘Look twin girls, look twin girls, look.’"
The teens, who are homeschooled, don’t know where their social media stardom will lead, but right now, they’re enjoying it.

They’ve even perfected their own sign off.

Jovani Jara: "Well, on three…"

Together: "We say ‘yeet.’ One, two, three, yeeeeeeeet."

Julian Jara: "That’s how we end it."

Lynn Martinez, 7News.


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