Teacher Office Makeover

WSVN — It's time to head back to school! A teacher's job doesn't end when the bell rings. In today's Room for Improvement, our makeover maestro is creating a comfy home office for a local teacher.

Martin Amado: "When we think of back to school, the first thing that comes to mind is the student. But what about the teachers? They also have to get ready to go back to work. On today's Room for Improvement, we are creating a stylish and functional home office for a 10th grade instructor. Let's go meet her."

Martin Amado: "OK, Monica, so what's going on with the space?"

Monica: "Well, we designated this area as an office area, so it's really nice to have an area where I could work and relax and possibly use it as a guest room if I need to."

Martin Amado: "I got that checklist down, so let me get to work and we'll surprise you at the end!"

Monica: "Thank you!"

Martin Amado: "OK, you're welcome."

Martin Amado: "At the moment, Monica has a desk and a beautiful bookcase, but it's missing all the decorative elements that give this space more personality. First up, window treatments, which means I have to get to work."

Martin Amado: "I love the striping on these panels. Notice how we're picking up the beige from the wall color and introducing gray as an accent, which will come up later with more decorative accessories."

Martin Amado: "What you don't see on TV is us trying to figure out how to get this sleeper sofa in here! Which means we had to take off the door. But it's in, so let's continue."

Martin Amado: "Monica wanted this space to be multi-functional, so it functions as an office, but also even a small guest bedroom, with the addition of the sleeper sofa."

Martin Amado: "Now, let's work on the desk area to make it more functional. At the moment, the printer is taking up valuable surface space, so I have a much better solution."

Martin Amado: "Instead of using one large bulletin board above the desk that's not very attractive, I'm using individual organizational frames, creating a nice grouping on the wall."

Martin Amado: "Monica also loves photography, so it's nice to infuse a space with her own, personal artwork."

Martin Amado: "By adding an upholstered chair, we create a more elegant look for the desk."

Martin Amado: "Don't forget to merchandise the top of a bookcase, almost treating it as a ledge. It becomes a nice focal point in the space."

Martin Amado: "See how this color ties in with this color? It unifies the whole color scheme."

Martin Amado: "Perfect size, it acts like a coffee table and even additional seating in this small space. I wonder what grade Monica is going to give me for the makeover. Let's go get her."

Martin Amado: "One, two, three."

Monica: "Wow!"

Martin Amado: "So, now it's a completely finished space, multi-functional, which is what you wanted."

Monica: "That's so cute! I can post photos, mail. Oh, look! Candy!"

Martin Amado: "Some treats while you're checking off all those papers, right?"

Martin Amado: "So, Monica, if you were to grade me right now, what grade would you give me?"

Monica: "A plus!"

Martin Amado: "OK, I like that."

Monica: "Yeah, you did a great job!"

Martin Amado: Well, thank you for letting us do this for you and enjoy the space as well, Louis. To all the viewers at home, we thank you for watching we'll see you next time on another…"

Monica: "Room for Improvement!"

Martin Amado: "And don't forget we have more tips for decorating a home office in our Online Extra. I'll see you there!"

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Martin Amado