Hot for the Holidays: Hot Toys

(WSVN) - For Santa and parents, figuring out what will be on your child’s Christmas list is no easy task. No need to worry! 7’s Lynn Martinez has the “Hot Toys” for this holiday season.

Do a happy dance! The holidays are here! And Toys R Us has everything from trolls to storm troopers, plus all the holiday sweets your stockings can handle!

Susan Miller, Toys R Us: “We’re in this business 365 days of the year, and we want to make sure that we have everything in stock for the fourth quarter.”

This year, Santa is getting some extra help from the good little boys and girls at The Goddard School in Miramar. Those lucky dogs. They were selected as toy testers.

Marcela Krauss, The Goddard School: “Every year they select 50 schools. Very, very big, and we’re proud of that.”

Various toys were sent to toy testing locations in September and put to the test.

Marcela Krauss: “We placed them in the classrooms, and the kids voted.”

Kids literally jumped for joy for the LeapFrog Musical Mat.


Susan Miller: “It keeps them really active, teaches them numbers, colors, how to identify animals. So, it’s an educational toy.”

Also on the 2016 hot list, the Code-A-Pillar is winding onto Santa’s sleigh.


Susan Miller: “This one allows a child to program sequences and allows the toy to follow the path that you have programmed.”

Kids are also fired up for the Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall.


Susan Miller: “You can program it to do different activities. It’s interactive, it speaks to you, it needs your help, it will ask for your help, and it does all these different cool things.”

A new take on last year’s Pie Face game and Yeti in my Spaghetti will have everyone laughing.


Believe it or not in these high tech times, the classic baby doll is making a comeback, thanks to Madame Alexander’s Middleton Newborn.


Susan Miller: “You can change her clothes. You can add a blanket, shoes or some other accessories that can go along with it.”

Don’t forget the little superhero in your life! The PJ Masks line has everything from toys to dress-up to help your little one save the world.

Good options there! And what’s even better, 100 of the top toys selected by the kids at Goddard Schools will be donated to Toys For Tots! We have the top toys lists below.


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