WSVN — Singing: "Happy birthday to you."

Shanae Beacham would have celebrated her 24th birthday this week.

Singing: "Happy birthday to Shanae."

She is now dead, but her mother thinks about her every day.

Singing: "Happy birthday to you."

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "She was a bowler, a swimmer, she did hair, she was a counselor, she was an all-around girl."

Shanae was Michelle's only child and had just graduated from Florida Career College with dreams of going to work for a cruise line.

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "She said, 'Mommy, I want to work out on the ship and have an adventure.' She was an adventurous person."

In October 2010, Shanae was murdered in Miami Gardens, killed while sitting in a car with a friend on Northwest 41st Avenue.

It was 11:40 p.m. Two black men with dreadlocks ran up to the car.

Detective David Noble, Miami Gardens Police: "Before he could do anything, multiple shots had been fired into the driver's side portion of his car."

Shanae's friend was able to race away in the car, then realized Shanae had been hit.

Detective David Noble, Miami Gardens Police: "Once he was able to get safely away from the shooting, he stopped his car in a cul-de-sac, got out of the car, and at this point Shanae was pleading with him desperately to get her some help."

Shanae was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but died right after she got there.

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "It's a living hell."

In the middle of the night, Michelle woke up and realized her daughter was not home.

In the morning, detectives were at her door to tell her why.

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "It's like a nightmare that you won't wake up and say it's just a dream, but you still have to keep trying and get up and take a bath and brush your teeth and go on."

Patrick Fraser: "The man with Shanae in the car that night has talked to detectives, but it was dark, the two men rushed up, and in the chaos, he couldn't see a lot. And just one look at these crime scene photos and it shows how close he came to being a murder victim as well."

Detective David Noble, Miami Gardens Police: "He was wearing a hair net at the time, and the projectiles had gone through the driver's side head guard of the driver's side seat, and portions of his hair and his hair net had also been shot."

Michelle's family and friends have held candelight vigils and prayer services, and have tried to find the answer to the question that everyone is asking: Who were the men, and who were they after?

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "And I want to know exactly what happened to my daughter, and I know that somebody out there actually knows exactly what happened."

Detective Noble says he has gotten some information, but not enough to nab the two killers. He needs a little more to break open the case.

Detective David Noble, Miami Gardens Police: "With this case, it's going to take a little bit of luck, and with this case, it's going to take somebody to finally come forward, an eyewitness, anybody that can come forward and do the right thing. That's going to be paramount to this case."

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

Michelle is deeply religious and believes that one day God will deliver the killers to police.

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "If you don't pay now, you will pay later, because there is a heaven and a hell."

If you know anything about Shanae's murder that October night in Miami Gardens, you can answer a mother's prayer.

Michelle Beacham, Shanae's Mother: "God sees and he knows who it is, and they can't hide from him."

One anonymous phone call can nab two killers who had dreadlocks when they went on a murderous rampage.

If you know anything that can help, give Crime Stoppers a call.

And if you have lost a loved one and would like to help police track down the killer, give us a call, and see how many people are still Out for Justice.


Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers: 305-471-TIPS

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