Secret Of The Wings

As secrets go Tinker Bell has stumbled onto a biggie in the Disney movie "Secret Of The Wings". Just ask Mae Whitman who plays tinker bell.Mae Whitman: "She just meets this girl and has a connection and then all of a sudden their wings start doing this crazy thing. So she goes on a quest to find out what the heck that's all about."The quest takes her into the winter woods where Tinker finds a secret.The only problem is Tinker's from pixie hollow. Periwinkle lives in the winter woods and crossing into each others world is a no-no.Lord Milori a-k-a Timothy Dalton laid that rule down for their own good.TIMOTHY DALTON: "They're forbidden to cross because its dangerous and of course those girls take no notice of that as girls are not quite likely to do. What woman ever listens to a guy anyway."Not those two that's for sure since rules are meant to be broken. Their curiosity got the better of them and things hit the fan.The "Secret" stars hit the fans at the New york city premier. Debby Ryan and Raven Symone did their part to plug the film.DEBBY RYAN: "To be here and to be spike and really introduce this brand new world to the viewers I am very excited about it."RAVEN SYMONE: "It's freaking awesome."As for the leading lady let's just say Mae was all about the 305.Mae Whitman: "OK Miami listen I'm gonna tell you why you should be Tinker Bell and Periwinkle for Halloween because first of all you wanna look good, you wanna look cute they have sparkly wings, you can go crazy on the eye make-up, you'll be the hit of every cool rave in town."Mike Tyson knows all about hits the heavyweight was chomping at the bit to see the movie.MIKE TYSON: "I'm extremely excited , my daughter always love Tinker Bell, I had no idea what tinker bell we were going to but I am so happy now."The DVS hits shelves today. Just e-mail your name, address, and daytime phone number to giveaways at deco and you could win.