Saving Smiles

WSVN — Five years ago, Rondalier Sims was facing the nightmare of losing two of her teeth.Rondalier Sims: "It was pretty bad. I got up one morning and it was falling out."A trip to the dentist confirmed the worst. She had periodontal disease, a gum infection that affects the tissues and bone that support the teeth. Rondalier Sims: "He said we would have to pull it out because it was just hanging out."In hopes of saving her teeth, Rondalier went to Periodontist Peter Rubelman, who suggested a new laser called PerioLase.Dr. Rubelman: ""I told her I was just starting to use the PerioLase at that time, and that we could try but the two teeth had a very guarded prognosis."Rhondalier Sims: "He was telling me about this plan and what it could do, but it may not work. I say, 'You know what, I think I'm gonna take a gamble.'"The periolase is passed between the gums and the teeth and uses fiber optics to knock out infected tissue."The laser kills the bacteria, it removes the disease and then forms a clot which allows the gum to adhere to the tooth root and allows the patient to heal themselves. We get new bone, we get new fibers that grow from the bone into the tooth and stabilize the tooth, and that hasn't been shown before with any other type of laser."And unlike past gum disease surgeries it's much easier on the patient."We don't do any cutting, we don't lay flap, we don't have swelling. We have very little discomfort afterwards."Rondalier had several treatments and each time the results even shocked the doctor.  Dr. Rubelman: "I couldn't believe the results. I had so much more confidence in using the laser."Fast forward to 2013 and her loose teeth…"They are solid as a rock. Remember how loose they were? I can take these two instruments and I can move it back and forth and you can't see any movement with those two teeth."Dr. Rubelman says he's now used the laser on more than 700 patients. "We're getting better results than we've ever had. It's going to revolutionize periodontal disease."Important news, when it comes to saving smiles. Rondalier Sims: "I made the right call. Couldn't do this years ago."Usually only two treatments are needed.FOR MORE INFORMATION: Dr. Peter Rubelman951 NE 167th St Suite 209North Miami Beach , FL – 33162305-652-2255