Tonight a 7News undercover investigation reveals bugs on Broward buses. Passengers are grossed out and fed up. Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is On the Case.

WSVN — People pay to ride buses in Broward but roaches ride for free, and having bugs on board is not sitting well with the humans.

Rider: “Disgusting, we couldn’t relax.”

These three early morning commuters asked we not show their faces. They take 95 Express buses from Pembroke Pines to Downtown Miami, and they say the roach problem is so severe they’ve even taken pictures.

Rider: “There was that one day we killed 14 at the front of the bus. I have quite a few notches on my shoe that morning.

Carmel: “You had to kill them?”

Rider: “Yeah.”

Rider: “It makes it a very unpleasant ride.”

So we rode the buses. And we found roaches too.

Automated Voice: “Welcome to the 95 Express.”

Riders say the roach activity dates back months and they’ve complained. One sent Broward County Transit a message on Facebook and got an apology three weeks later.

Carmel: “Do you think it should have taken a complaint on Facebook for that kind of response?”

Rider: “No, because we had been complaining for a while before that.”

Mason Bradford takes a different Broward bus route home from work. He says he was taking a nap when he got a rude awakening.

Mason Bradford: “I opened my eyes, there was two of these little German cockroaches crawling on my arm, and I immediately went into panic mode.”

Mason Bradford: “I’ve been told the situation would be handled, would be looked at, would be addressed, however, as the months have gone by, I feel like the issue is prolonged.”

7News has learned there have been 23 insect complaints on Broward Buses this year. Broward County Transit recognized as the best in the state in 2013 also recognizes it has a bug problem.

The transit director turned down our request for an on-camera interview, but blamed the problem on this bus parking garage facility that’s under construction, and people leaving food containers on board. Adding, “We have increased fogging of our buses, and we have implemented new and improved treatment processes with a contracted vendor, which will expedite a solution.”

Rider: “It should be roach-free. It’s a paid-for service. We pay to ride, and we should ride comfortably.”

Mason Bradford: “These buses shouldn’t be on the road if they are infested with bugs.”

But with complaints dating back to January. Riders can only hope the county will finally exterminate the problem.


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