Putting your child in pre-school can be nerve-wracking. So how can you overcome that separation anxiety and feel good about your decision? 7’s Lynn Martinez has some advice in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — When Angie Milrad had her third child Ariana, she faced the challenge many families do, what to do about child care.

Angie Milrad: “This is our baby, this is our last one.”

She wanted to keep her daughter at home but started feeling a lot of pressure.

Angie Milrad: “At times I’d kind of find myself a little stressed out trying to manage the household, the kids, the business.”

So she started the search for the proper pre-school.

Angie Milrad: “I wanted to make sure while they’re learning they are having fun and part of a loving, nurturing environment.”

Angie found Tree of Life Christian Academy in Weston. It was recently opened by a mom who knows the stress parents can go through.

Marcy Buitrago, Owner of Tree of Life Christian Academy. “I think separation anxiety goes more toward the parents rather than the child.”

Marcy says the first thing parents should do to overcome that separation anxiety is to check out the preschool with their child.

Marcy Buitrago: “What I encourage is when the parent comes and tours the school, I like to see the child with them.”

Also, have a meet and greet with the teachers.

Marcy Buitrago: “They’re like I’ve been here with my mom so it’s safe, I know this teacher, so that makes it comfortable for them.”

Then make sure the pre-school has an open door policy, so you can drop in and check on your child.

Marcy Buitrago: “We want them to feel comfortable that they can see their child at any time of day.”

At Tree of Life, security is a top priority, so every parent has their own code to open the front door. That gives Angie peace of mind.

Angie Milrad: “Here I do feeI very secure that she’s safe that not just anybody can walk in.”

And one of the most important tips, don’t let them see you upset or anxious.

Marcy Buitrago: “If they see mommy crying or they see mommy lingering around and peeking through the window they feel that.”

Angie admits she was a little nervous dropping Ariana off the first day but those fears soon disappeared.

Angie Milrad: “As soon as I picked her up and saw she had a great day, it kind of went away and I never had it after that.”

Lynn Martinez: “Marcy says trust your instincts. If you walk into a pre-school and don’t get a good feeling, keep searching.”



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