WSVN — Adopting a pet has never been easier, thanks to our first app.

"" helps you find the perfect pet on your iPhone. Just look at these faces.

Search by breed, age, gender and size, locally or anywhere in the country. Hit the details button and get info on the pet you're interested in, including phone numbers and directions to the pet shelter or rescue group.

Save favorites, and give a pet a much-needed home.

If you get a cat, you'll also want to download "The Cat Diet Calculator."

No fat cats with this app. "The Cat Diet Calculator" gives dietary information on more than 50 breeds of cats and almost 900 types of cat food.

With this app, you'll know what, and how much, to feed your cat to keep her healthy and flab-free.

Dogs can stay slim and trim, too, if they get enough exercise.

"Dog Park Finder" lets you search by area code or browse by state to find more than 2,700 dog parks from coast to coast.

"Dog Park Finder" gives you directions and hours of operation. You can read reviews, which is good if you're on vacation or if you and your best friend just want to try something new.

Craig Stevens: "All of today's apps are free."


Petfinder.com*Available for iPhone

The Cat Diet Calculator*Available for Android phones

Dog Park Finder*Available for iPhone

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