WSVN — A local spine surgeon is being recognized for all the good he’s doing in the community and how he is changing lives. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us how the doctor is helping patients in pain.

A few years ago, Alter Gambarte never dreamed he’d be able to run several miles on the beach or even kick the ball around with his son.

Alter Gambarte: “I was not able to get up, move. I thought I was not going to be able to walk again.”

At just 29, Alter started experiencing debilitating back and leg pain. The young man went to numerous doctors but no one could help.

Alter Gambarte: “The answer I had gotten was that I had to learn to deal with the pain and learn to live with pain and medications.”

But Miami Spine Surgeon Georgiy Brusovanik was finally able to give Alter hope.

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik: “These patients don’t really have to suffer any more.”

The 34-year-old surgeon has mastered minimally-invasive surgeries that can help patients regain a pain-free life.

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik: “If you just sneak in, using a tiny incision and a tube, you don’t cut any muscle. You don’t lose any blood. You get to the core of the problem, fix it and then sneak out. I expect my patients to start walking minutes after surgery and they usually do.”

The doctor was able to pinpoint a herniated disk in Alter’s spine and perform surgery.

Alter Gambarte: “The next day, I was able to get out of bed, take my first steps. I couldn’t believe that was the end of a chapter.”

Over the last three years, the University of Miami-trained surgeon has been able to help numerous patients throughout the community, even those who can’t always afford treatment.

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik: “I happen to do a bit of surgery, free of charge. I happen to do a lot of surgery at discounted rate because these operations are very expensive. My first goal is to help patients.”

The doctor was just recognized for his work in Miami-Dade County, something his patients say is well-deserved.

Alter Gambarte: “I’ve seen that the doctor has been able to reach so many other patients, basically give them their life back.”

Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik: “It’s a huge honor. I consider it to be one of the greatest honors of my career. I never realized the magnitude of how much I’ve affected their lives. I live for this.”

The doctor also works with several professional athletes.

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