WSVN — In South Florida, you hear about murders every day: people stabbed, shot, strangled.

But in June 2009, there was a murder that stunned everyone with its brutality.

Woman: "When they opened the bag, they went like that."

Detective Fernando Bosch, City of Miami Police: "We thought it was going to be animal remains, some witchcraft or something, and we got there, and I was shocked."

That June day, bags with body parts started floating ashore in Biscayne Bay: two thighs and a leg in the first bag.

Detective Fernando Bosch: "Two hours later, we found a second bag. That bag contained the torso and head. I was the one that opened that one up. It was bad."

Over the next three days, six bags with chopped-up body parts would float ashore.

Detective Orlando Silva, City of Miami Police: "I've been in the police department for 27 years, and I've never seen a case like this in my life."

No one had ever seen anything like that, and no one could ever imagine that happening to someone in their family.

Translation of Aveda LaParra, Osben's sister: "On the news, they reported a man was found in body parts, but I never imagined it was my brother, because he never had problems with anyone."

Aveda didn't know it, but it was her brother Osben in those plastic bags. Her 21-year-old brother, who had come from Guatemala to earn money to send back to his parents.

Aveda LaParra: "My brother was a good man and a hard worker."

Osben worked hard, and on a Sunday night partied hard at this club called El Mexicano. But when he didn't come home, his brother got worried.

Translation of Henry LaParra, Osben's brother: "I thought maybe immigration got him. Maybe he was in jail, but I never imagined something so horrible had happened to him."

According to witnesses, Osben was last seen about three in the morning. He had had too much to drink in the club, and when they closed, someone helped him come outside.

Detective Orlando Silva: "He was brought down the stairs and walked over to this location, and he sat down more or less around this area."

Patrick Fraser: "While Osben was sitting here, detectives say a car pulled up. Someone got out and began to drag Osben towards the car. At the same time, a fellow came by on a bike and stopped to help. Police don't think he was involved. Just a Good Samaritan thinking he was helping Osben get in a friend's car."

Osben's family said he didn't do drugs. He was not a member of a gang. But detectives say he clearly made someone very mad.

Detective Orlando Silva: "This victim either made someone very angry or did something really bad to get somebody very angry at him, because the way that we found him was…I've never seen that before in my life."

Surveillance cameras do have pictures of the car that Osben was put into: a 2005 beige or gold Honda. But you can't see the driver or the tag number. And detectives are still looking for the man on the bike who stopped to help Osben get into the car.

Detective Fernando Bosch: "That guy is out there, and he might be scared, and he shouldn't be scared, because he thought he was doing somebody a favor by putting the victim in the car."

Detectives also think that some of Osben's friends who were in the club that night may know something but are afraid to come forward for fear of being deported. Detective Silva says, if you help him, he can help you.

Detective Orlando Silva: "If they come forward, I want to assure them that I could give them some help in regards to their status."

A vicious brutal killer is out there. Aveda, Henry and the rest of their family want to see that person nabbed before they do this to another South Floridian.

Henry LaParra: "What has happened is very painful for us. I'm asking those people that saw what happened to please call police."

Aveda LaParra: "I want justice for what was done to my brother and for the murderer to be found."

And not only are Miami detectives determined to find the killer. They are convinced someone can help them find the killer.

Detective Orlando Silva: "I'm confident there's somebody out there that has the answer, and I need that person to call the Miami Police Department Homicide Unit or Crime Stoppers."

Detective Fernando Bosch: "We worked hard on this case, and we'll continue working hard as long as it takes."

Patrick Fraser: "Osben LaParra wasn't just murdered. Someone took the time to chop him into pieces, dump his body parts into six separate bags. That person is deranged. If you know who he is, pick up the phone. Get a twisted killer off the streets and give a devastated family some satisfaction. And if you have lost a loved one, if you are still out for justice, give us a call."

Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers: 305-471-TIPS (8477)Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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