North Miami Beach police catch serial robber

WSVN — Police in North Miami Beach finally have their man after stopping a one-man crime spree in their city, and all of his robberies were caught on video. Rosh Lowe has the story in tonight’s Lowedown.

This guy sure doesn’t mind the cameras. Even if they do show him robbing businesses in North Miami Beach, a crime spree that stretched from July until November.

North Miami Beach Police Capt. Rich Rand: "Absolutely 100 percent dangerous. People are out shopping. Whether it’s for the holidays, or just out in the middle of the night to get medicine for their sick child, and this guy produces a firearm and robs the business."

And a guy like this becomes priority number one for cops and business owners like Orlando Sosa.

Orlando Sosa: "It’s ridiculous. It’s crazy."

Let’s start off in late July. Look at this guy walking into a Walgreens. He is so brazen, he walks out of the place with the entire cash register."

Walgreens customer: "I shop here all the time."

Rosh Lowe: "What do you think of someone that brazen that would so something like that?"

Walgreens customer: "I think this world is out of control and people just do whatever they have to do to survive."

The crook dressed in winter clothing, sweater and stocking cap in the middle of a South Florida summer. But summer turns to fall, and the robberies continue.  

And you can see here at this Chevron gas station in North Miami Beach, surveillance cameras all over the place that didn’t stop this guy. In fact, cops say, he came into this gas station, customers were in the store when this guy came right up to the window demanding cash. 

And you can see — he’s got a gun.

Orlando Sosa: "It’s very dangerous, the gun could go off and kill anybody."

North Miami Beach Police Capt. Rich Rand: "He walked in, he asked for a pack of cigarettes, he produced a firearm and robbed the clerk who was behind the counter. Again, very early in the morning. People are outside getting gas. People are going to work. Unbeknownst to them, there’s a gentleman inside the business, robbing it with a firearm."

Cops say in early November, he returns to the Walgreens. Yes, it’s the same Walgreens he burglarized months earlier.

North Miami Beach Police Capt. Rich Rand: "He is just escalating his potential for violence. It was just a matter of time before somebody could have gotten seriously hurt." 

But the November Walgreens hold-up would be the end of his run.

North Miami Beach Police Capt. Rich Rand: "We end up catching him across the street walking away from the business after the officers responded. They were able to catch him across the street with the gun and the money his pocket."

Police say this is the guy, Adely Joseph, cuffed, behind bars facing a long list of charges, and there could be more to come.

North Miami Beach Police Capt. Rich Rand: "If any business in Miami-Dade or Broward County sees the video and a picture of him and feel that they have been a victim, they can contact the North Miami Beach Police Department."

The owner of the Chevron is grateful for the arrest, and now feels safer at work.

Orlando Sosa: "It’s very important for myself, and for the employees and for the customers."

North Miami Beach Police Capt. Rich Rand: "Our message to criminals is, don’t come to North Miami Beach to commit a crime because we will catch you."

Rosh Lowe, 7News.